Frequently asked questions

Do I have to book in advance to visit the castle?

For guided tours, it is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, as the capacity of the castle is limited. It takes no more than 5 minutes and can be done through our website ( The tickets are received immediately by e-mail and it is not necessary to print them; just show them from your mobile phone.

If you want to visit the castle by yourself, you can buy tickets on the website or at the ticket office.

Group visits must be booked in advance.

What are the opening hours?

You can check out the opening hours at

The last visit takes place one hour before closing time.

How much is the entrance fee?
The Ordinance regulating the fees for the services rendered at Soutomaior Castle can be checked at:

They can also be consulted on the website or at the ticket office.

Are there any visits intended for schools?

School groups accompanied by their teachers can participate in the guided tours of the castle free of charge. Every group of 10 students must be accompanied by a teacher and the maximum number of people for each tour is 25.

It is necessary to book in advance on the website (the school must register on the platform).

What do I need to know to organise a group visit?

Group visits must be booked in advance.

There are three types of group visits:

  • Self-guided tour to Soutomaior Castle and its gardens accompanied by your own guide.
  • Guided tour to the castle and self-guided tour to the International Camellia Gardens of Excellence
  • Guided tour to the castle and to the International Camellia Gardens of Excellence.

Are there any activities intended for families?

Different activities are organised depending on the time of the year. You can check the programme on our website:

In addition, the Museum of the Soutomaior Castle includes interactive screens, videos and games so that people of all ages can learn about the history of the place in an entertaining way. We also provide visitors with two educational booklets, one about the gardens and the other about the castle itself.

What is the best season to see the camellias in bloom?

In As Rías Baixas camellias have a very long blooming season, from October to May, but the best time to enjoy its flowers is from February to March, when they reach their full bloom.

You will find useful information to plan your visit on our website:

How can I keep up to date with the latest news?

The best way is to follow us on our social media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Is the castle accessible to wheelchair users?

The castle inside has some architectural barriers, so it is not accessible for wheelchair users. To visit the gardens, you can take the entrance without stairs and use the parking space for people with reduced mobility.

Does the reception desk have a magnetic loop?

Yes, it is equipped with a magnetic loop for people having hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, but only in the gardens and always on a leash. Please note that there are no litter garbage cans.