“Many different colours around you, always vivid and changing.”

Autumn in the castle

Our castle shines in autumn, under cloudy and clear skies.

The scent of the moist soil covered with leaves welcomes and accompanies us as we stroll around the estate.

We can see how deciduous trees change from their usual green to golden and reddish tones before their leaves fall. The early-riser camellias announce the colour show that is about to start.

Undergrowth is surprisingly diverse, with native species creating a carpet of different colours and shapes. When we look up, the spectacle continues. Over the years, the owners of the castle have made great efforts to embellish its surroundings, bringing in species from all over the world. These specimens have adapted to our land conditions and now coexist with wild and native species.

Two streams shape the landscape: Porta Cadeira and As Afreitas, which feeds our recently restored mill, an example of our ethnographic heritage and a vestige of our near past.

Under the shade of sweet chestnuts runs a 2 km-route, easy and perfect for families. The perfect time for a walk through the forest is in autumn, when these trees bear their fruit.

Chestnuts have been planted in the castle’s garden since its origins. In fact, the name "Soutomaior" refers to the large chestnut forest that used to surround the castle in its early days. Sweet chestnuts recently regained their rightful place thanks to the Deputación de Pontevedra’s personnel, who planted them and thoroughly takes care and disseminates its unique values.

Undoubtedly, it is essential to preserve the native forest, which is a small oasis of food and a refuge for many species that have decided to settle here and also for others that visit us occasionally.

At this time of the year many birds have already left while others say goodbye until next year.

In autumn, Soutomaior is the perfect place to walk or sit and enjoy a peaceful historic landscape.